Were did you get your user name?

I made a site called ToyMaker, It was my first hand coded site.
I also go by Fred and Shiguy101 but I wanted a new name.
Tabbie is actually my Steam username. It came after a combination of letters from my previous username, tabletpie and I want to make it sound cute so I kept 'tab' and sounded out a couple of words until it sounded right. Ever since, people have called me Tabbie and I didn't mind it all all. Then I realized the word tabbie is a type of cat but I kept the name anyway.
You remember those 'What's Your insert-pop-culture-or-funny-thing-here Name' lists and instructions that were super popular on facebook about seven years ago? (or maybe they're just super popular with 13 to 14 year olds, honestly I don't know)
Waykat was my result for one of those, I haven't a clue which one any more or how I made it. I just liked it and it makes a good username that is never already taken.
My username comes from my love of metal music and ball pythons (I happen to own one). I just simply put two and two together, and here I am!
Gene is my actual name or shorthand of it at least. I've never been very creative with names. My account is a bit more so as Goatlactic is a mix of the word goat and galactic. While I haven't posted a proper image of them yet my account mascot kinda thing is an goat like alien :B.
My name initials are FV, and I decided to pick two words that fit those initials. "Virucide" came to my mind first, and then I tacked "Final" at the front because I thought the name combination sounded interesting.
I saw a movie called something with Red Vertigo, and I loved the name, haha, it was some kind of Japanese erotic drama, very interesting..... I'm over it.
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I stole my aunt's nickname; Honey rat is the effeminate version of Hood rat, but all the same since I grew up with 2 other branches of my family in the house she lives in now
My user name comes from some strange word mashing... I wanted to call myself Sensei Stade because I liked how it sounds but I'm not Japanese though I do like aspects of there culture so I translated Sensei to master mentally. then for some reason changed Stade (my last name) to Wilver in honor of my grandfather Wilfred or Wilf who had recently died and I never really got to know because of his Alzheimer's disease. I did not like the sound of Master Wilf ,so I started rhyming words in my head until I came to wilf and silver combined the two words to come up with Wilver and added sang because I was singing the words in my head to come up with it and wallah Master Wilversang was born.
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Mine is a few Gaelic words fudged together to form one, and comes from the title of my favourite song to listen to whenever I'm drawing

When I was looking for a new name specifically for my art so my other screen name could be used for other unrelated things it just sorta felt right so I went with it
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Well, my friends and family say I'm a demon cause I'm so "evil" and my favorite animal is a fox. So, since I like to learn to speak Czech I translated Devil Fox and came up with Dabel Liska X3
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Mikari has been my nickname on the web for a long time XD The mi comes from my name offline, Mili.
When deviantART finally implemented the option to change usernames, I just came up with Smoppet??? Not really sure how I came to it, by I really like it!

Were did you get your user name? I made a site called ToyMaker, It was my first hand coded site. I also go by Fred and Shiguy101 but I wanted a new name.

My username is a combination of my name and my love of music and video games. I used the with headphones at the end because of that.

The picture of cat online which says,"This is not a broken dog anymore than a person with autism is a broken NT."

I actually got this username from the movie Perfect Blue, I liked the name so much that I decided to use it for myself haha :P