For the past few years, I've been split on my opinion when it comes to websites using t-shirts and hoodies as their main form of merch. From a marketing standpoint, it's not really going to help you "win". Almost every website does it. They don't seem to do all that much.

However, a sort of idea came to me one day not too long ago. I have the t-shirts and hoodies of several websites, at the time having one of each for DeviantArt, Buzzly, Inkblot, and Club Pogo. I needed new clothes and ended up ordering more website t-shirts and hoodies, and over time I became attracted to the idea of me having a collection of all the website t-shirts in the world.

Besides those four and the one for Artrift, the ones I also have include but are not limited to...
- Club Penguin
- Discord
- Fiesta Online
- Flyff
- FurAffinity
- Newgrounds
- Pixiv
- RuneScape
- Side7
- TVTropes
- YouTube

I could list them all, but I'd have to go through my whole collection of boxes in my wardrobe. It probably helped my collection grow that being so exposed to uniformwear dumbs down one's sense of clothes. For some of them I have the t-shirt, for others I have the hoodie, usually wearing them under whatever you see me wearing. Some I've gotten through on-site purachases, some on ebay, and some through clothing trades.

How many t-shirts and hoodies do you have for websites? What do you do with them (display them or wear them like I do, and how do you wear them)? And how have you gotten each one?

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