What is NEA? 

We developed a concept which facilitates the market entry for new emerging artists through revenue share tokens where each artist receives their token supply and defines the percentage share of NFT sells performed which acts as a dividend pay-out for the investor i.e token purchaser. 

In this sense NEA offers investors the opportunity to foster an artist’s potential from an early stage, contribute to their future success and add value throughout the process of gaining market value and industry significance.


Why should I as an Artist care?

The token value of the artists brand is assessed upon demand and supply, the more digital artwork in the form of NFTs the artist creates and sells, the higher his personal revenue and the higher the incentive for the investor to purchase the artist token, hence increase in token value.

Long-term -> increase of NFT value, hence, increase of revenue generated for the artist and increase in dividend /share pay out for the investor who purchased the token

Ultimately, the token value reflects the value of the artist and his artwork industry wide. Hence, facilitated market entry achieved. Everybody is happy :) 


What are we (NEA) looking for?

Community support and artists taking part in the validation process! 



If interested, please reach out: p.karrer@lse.ac.uk or simply dm me here. 


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