Hello everyone,

Over the passed few weeks Artrift has undergone a major update.


The site is faster and more secure than before. This has all been done in preparation for a new mobile app which will be launched by the end of September!

Stickers and emojis can be used in comments. More will be added soon.

A new video section is being redeveloped for the site too.


A huge concern for people on Artrift is their privacy. Quite a bit of time has been spent updating the privacy settings. Now you can control all aspects of your privacy!


Our terms and conditions, privacy and cookies policies have been updated.

One important note. Your content belongs to you! If Artrift ever wants to use your content for promotional purposes, your permission is needed first. As an artist, it's important that the ownership of your artwork is respected.

If you have any questions or comments. Please leave them below :smile:

Last update on September 3, 10:08 pm by Landmanism.
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Great work! I really like all the improvements made, especially the privacy settings.

May I suggest to add a little description under the setting "Who can view your basic info ?" with a short list of which basic info are included ? I don't think all of the settings need a description, just this one, because I couldn't remember what was included until I check my profile again. :sweat_smile:

Also, what will the mobile app look like ? Some screenshots showing how to navigate might be a good way to make people want to install and use the app. ˆˆ

Although I know there will be a mobile app, as I'm using the website on mobile or tablet, there are some behaviors that could benefit some improvement :

- showing the emotes, for example, it displays a lightbox with all of them and when I choose one, I kind of expect it to close by itself, which it doesn't and confused me a bit at first because I thought it froze. xD

- I don't know if it's my device or not, but when I type too many words in the text area (like right now), it just keeps making new lines.... I have to delete all the new lines after that (and it stopped making new lines at this point of my sentence, weird), and I can't add spaces between words if I do that sometimes...I could make a screenshot next time ?

Edit : this last issue appears only on mobile, not on the desktop display of the site. ^^ 

Last update on September 29, 7:58 pm by Ciel.
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Thanks for the suggestions and feedback!! I'll address them asap!

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