Hello everyone. It's refreshing to see a relatively small yet still kind of active art community. Too many places are focused on "likes" or trying to get monotary gain rather than build a home for creatives. My name is Rose, and it's a pleasure to meet you. Most of what I post is digital works, but I work with every medium I can get my hands on and in any style that I take delight in. I mainly work in portraits and pin-ups, but almost any subject can make its way into one of my compositions. My personally developed style is a little cartoony, mainly used in comic development.

I'm curious about who all's here and what you enjoy creating. Feel free to throw salutations my way and a little bit about yourself as well, like your  favorite medium, subject matter, and any aspiritions you might have.

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Heyooo! Good to see more people join this cozy little community! :D

Regarding posting/activity here, I like to look at this site as a chill jogging path in the woods while the heavily trafficked sites (*cough deviantart *cough) are more like the autobahn.

Sure, sometimes the art flow here can be quite slow but at least I'm able to keep up with all the art and actually take my time to look at it.

That said, hope you'll have a great time here!

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