So what inspires you all to create?

For me it's the shows and I watched when I was younger and also I just have a extremely active imagination, so yeah :P Nothing too special but whatever

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My inspiration is unpredictable. Sometimes it emerges after I've watched a movie/played a game and sometimes it just, I'unno, pops up out of nowhere. A few days ago I dropped a screwdriver at work and it somehow hit me a random urge to draw a waterfall (sadly, by the time I had a spare moment to draw the inspiration was gone).

Bonus: I don't think I've ever drawna  waterfall in my life.


My inspiration is generally unpredictable. It can range from constant to rare and in between. Ironically, my phone seems to be the cause of much of my grief and I tend to think/process creative ideas much better without it. It's common for me to scroll on YT videos for hours, it is such an easy distraction. My guess is that the only good the new ''no chronological timeline'' update will offer me is less of the temptation to view all my uploads, since the biggest reason I do so is out of time. If it's not chronological, the temptation is not there as much since I will probably find it later anyways.

Another thing sapping inspiration is inadaqaucy. I've been feeling pretty ''bad'' about my art lately. A lot of people have noted flaws with anatomy, and these flaws and tribulations make it tiring to create. Sometimes, inspiraton ends up striking the most in the shower. I have no idea why the shower always gives me these revolutionary ideas, but 90 percent of my breakthroughs was either in the shower or listening to music. I can be weird like that.

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