Hi hi! I'm Reaper! (mostly based of Overwatch) I've been drawing for as long as I can remember! Grin I like anime, music, writing, and I have been a gamer as long as I've been drawing! lol I've been looking for sites that are like Devianart, but isn't DA! Artrift seems really cool! I'm liking everything so far!

This is gonna be fun!!! Excited
Hi, welcome to Artrift! ^^
Artirift is a good alternative to DA since it has a nice chill community (and it isn't money hungry and full of terrible edits) plus the fact that you can easily upload music or pieces of writing.
Anyway, hope you enjoy your stay here!
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Hey there! And welcome
Glad that you're already liking it here! I migrated from DA as well and am very glad I found this place.
Happy drawing!
You're the person who told me about this place! HI! Big Grin
Haha, awesome! : D It really is a small world, isn't it?
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Yep. I am going to help people leave the border and have them come here.
Sounds like a plan! This site could use a little more activity; it looks really promising, but a little more traction could really help it I think
Yup, a more active community would be lovely

Who, me?