Hi, I made this account to be able to to post about this. My main account is http://www.artrift.com/Mikari/ but when I log in I get an error page. If I go to the main page by typing the url, it doesn't finish loading and the links on the top bar, the only thing that loads, don't work. This has been going on for a few days. I can see the site when I'm not logged in. Is my account just broken somehow? Is there any way to fix it? Thanks.
I'll check it out and fix it for you within a day or two. Sorry about this. Grin
Could you tell me what browser you are using? And have you tried a different browser or logging in from a different computer?
Chrome is my main browser, but I tried to log in with Firefox, Opera and Safari with the same results. I've been getting trail confirmations on my gmail for my original account, so the account seems to be "running." I can also view the site with this account just fine, but nothing works if I log into my old account. I tried on both my PC and laptop, but it's the same thing. Thanks for replying so quickly.
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You should be good to go Grin I was able to reproduce the problem and fix it. Sorry about that. It's never ever happened before. Maybe you're special Grin

Please let me know if you can access the site again?
It's working now Big Grin Thank you!
I have the same problem with my main account :/
Edit: I just decided to cancel my old account and use this account instead, I hope everyone is okay with this.
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