I'm just trying to do some cleanup on my computer, and thought about which art program I should keep and which one I should uninstall.

(Note about the Photoshop: It's one of those older versions that is free for download from the Adobe website).
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I use Gimp and Inkscape Grin
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Omnothing said...

If you want to focus more on the artistic part and have more simplistic but sweet options, I'd recommend Paint Tool SAI (which costs) or FireAlpaca (which is free), as both have given me nice results (although, I'm still testing FireAlpaca).

Thanks for the recommendation. Going to take a look at these two programs!
I could also recommend trying Manga Studio 5/Clip Studio Paint (same thing), it's a very nice drawing tool. It also includes tools (mostly in EX version) for visual novelists to make their lives easier; and includes pliable 3d models that are easy to pose for drawing references.
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