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I was okay with the core membership. What I wasn't okay with was the Bullying and Marxist hate combined with some of the world's stupidest Nazi wannebees and just plain angry bitch attitude. Listen I am a fascist...But Hitler was the dumbest of the Fascist and one of the most messed up men in the world. He was a pedophile, a self-hating bisexual one of the worst art snobs in History. I much prefer Musilini before he became Hitler's little bitch as he promoted creative freedom and intellectualism and not the horrid racism and insanity of Germany under the Nazis. Deviant Art especially makes the whole idea of internet tribes even more insane. Your either a Holocaust Denying Idiot Nazi Lolicon or your a Crazed Radical Feminist Atheist Communist who believes that everyone who disagrees is a evil Nazi. There is no middle ground and if you try to take the middle ground your a troll. Any outside of the few narrow spectrums is cyberbullied to the extreme without end. It is one of the worst places to post art!

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