Hello everyone,

I am Spencer from ArtKred. ArtKred.com is an ecommerceplatform for art lovers from around the world to get artworks by emerging artists in Asia in prints form!

Knowing that Artkred and I are new to this community and industry, I hope everyone can help us by giving us your support and feedback on our newly launched website.

We are also looking for artistic talent to join the platform as artists! Just visit our website to find out more information or drop us an email at hello@artkred.com

Thank you people!
Hi Spencer,

I removed the thread from the "Welcome Me" section as that was just a duplicate of this one.

On another note, Artkred is a neat site. How long ago did you launch it? And if you don't mind me asking, have you made a few sales on it? Overall, I think the design can use quite a bit of polishing up. Nice idea, thanks for telling the Artrift community about Artkred.

We will soon be releasing the Artrift Market place which will allow users on Artrift to sell their art.

Nicely done! It's always nice to see a new face on the block stiving towards promoting Artists! Grin
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Jodie Prowse
That's useful Artkred. Grin The website link is broken.

If I'm not mistaken, Artrift will have it's own MarketPlace for users to sell their art.