anyone know any good android apps for making art? I just got a new phone so I'm looking for a good app to use. thanks!
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I know that the subject is old but I can still recommend some android apps that I have tested for anyone who wants to give them a try :
- ArtFlow studio, has a free version, but the full version is not expensive. And I really like the way the end lines are emulated.
- Bamboo paper, has also a free version, but just little features.
- Autodesk sketchbook, and other autodesk apps are also good.
- Pensoul : not tested yet, but seems nice. I will edit my post for further informations.

There are so many apps for drawing now, I really love ArtFlow and Bamboo paper but, it's up to you now. ^^
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I'd like to add:

Android apps
Medibang (free)

iOS apps (maybe available for Android as well?)
Medibang (free)
Colors! (Which has a comment section, gallery etc) (free I think) (kind of a doodle-only twitter thing) (free I think)
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I use Edge on iOS for pixel art.
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