Hey all you Rifters!

It's contest time again and we need your help! The emoticons on Artrift have become lonely and boring... it's time that we get a whoooole new set of emoticons for Artrift. Everyone can take part in this contest: graphic designers, illustrators, your 2 year old brother or sister even All Smiles


I knew you would ask that question ROFL! The winner will walk away with a brand new 1st generation Artrift Tablet and you will be recognised as the official Artrift emoticon artist and in the future we'll pay you for more emoticons. This will help you get exposure across the world and add some amazing work to your portfolio.

This tablet has a Dual Core CPU; 1GB of Ram; 32Gb of Storage Space; and a 7-inch screen running at 1024x600 resolution. It also runs on Android which means you will have access to the Google Playstore with thousands of apps and games.


This contest is sponsored by Artrift. We need a brand new set of 8 emoticons. You will have full creative freedom to go crazy and design.

Read more below to find out about judging criteria, contest rules. Entries are open from the 17th of July 2014 until the 31st of August 2014. Winners will be announced on the 5th of September 2014.


Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

1. The originality and concept direction.
2. Attention to pixel perfect detail.
3. Adherence to the Terms & Conditions of the contest.


To enter this contest you must submit your artwork via these instructions:
1. Create an emoticon for each of these emotions:
  • smile
  • excited
  • heart
  • agree
  • thank you
  • hahaha
  • sad
  • angry

2. Artwork must be submitted to the Contests > Emoticontest category
3. Your emoticons may be animated or static


1. You must submit at least 1 emoticon for each emotion (8 emoticons).
2. Staff and reviewers may enter (except me, Landman)
3. Each emoticon must be 48x48 pixels.
4. Entries must be submitted to the Contests > Emoticontest category
5. Entries into this contest must be entirely your work.
6. You must be registered on Artrift.
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TheLandman said...

The only restriction is that the selected set of emoticons may not be used anywhere else online or in any other media.

What about any shipping restrictions or requirements for the winner?
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as lo g as the winner has an address then that won't be a problem at all. Grin
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Uuugh I am entering thisss.
Caffeinated Xela
Is there a file format preference, like .svg for nicer embedding? Or will they be rasterized later on anyway?

I mean, even the coolest vector emoticon could look prety crappy when it's pixelated, so this should maybe be taken into consideration before starting to design.
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Well, you're welcome to design the emoticons in vector. Unfortunately they will be rasterized, the max dimensions of each emoticon is 48x48 pixels. This will allow us to keep them looking nice and crisp when they are scaled down for rendering on the mobile app Grin
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Did you post about this on social media?
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When and where do we post when we are finished? Who else is doing this contest. It's almost over. Lol.
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entries must be posted in the Contests > emoticontest category. Grin
I would enter if I had more time
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Linsy Raens
Gosh, I just seen this today and it's the deadline Big Grin hehe ... oh well... better luck next time

Did anybody submitted anything? << sorry just found them Grin
Last update on August 31, 6:35 pm by Linsy Raens.
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Today is the day!!! Good luck everyone!!
Good luck Big Grin
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Who won ? aha
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Oh by the way. This shit was rigged. This site is balls. Who signs up to post emoticons then totally disappears. Seems like the admin made a fake account and posted his own. Fuck this site and this is bullshit. If anyone’s got anything to say come at me. Twitch.tv/OmgXero Fuck off with this dumb site. 

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