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Low poly game character are three-dimensional models based on a small number of polygons. An important condition is that this amount is enough to understand what the visualizer wanted to demonstrate. Since one of the relevant areas where 3d low-poly character developers are involved in the gaming industry, consider the process of work on the example of creating a Game Character Modeling Services. Work on other low poly character is similar. Each game must be unique in its own way.

Character Modeling is the process of creating a character within the 3D space of computer programs. The techniques for character modeling are essential for third - and first - person experiences within film, animation, games, and Virtual Reality. It is important to bear in mind that low poly objects have less definition and are made with fewer polygons, spheres, cylinders, or cubes. By using flat lighting, the models will get the desired flat-shaded blocky look. low poly modeling requires a high degree of creativity, as you need to make the most of limited resources to create complex compositions. It has the power of simplicity.


Low poly character also has its uses. The most important use is game engines since a computer can only handle many polygons in real time. Low poly keeps everything as low as possible applying normal mapping everywhere. Other uses of low poly include:

• Subdivision modeling

• Low-polygon proxy geometry for animating and rigging

• Low poly style

High poly character are preferable in Movie Character Modeling for the film industry since a large number of polygons are needed there for optimal detail. However, their 3d Rendering & Animation can sometimes take several days. But for games, low-poly character are often used: visualization of 3D characters is carried out directly in the course of the game process.

GameYan Studio is a Game Development and Movie Animation company offer an animation 3D Character Modeling Services with a wide range of  3d character design services and animation with a specialized team of highly skilled designers & animators are having a capable to transform any characters to virtually animated characters. GameYan Studio is one stop solution for 3D Character Development - 3D Modeling Company. Whether you have concept or not, our creative team can convert your visualization into Sketches and 3d Character Modeling Design. We can deliver the final model with specific technical requirement like Low Poly, High Polygons and many technical detail will be follow by our 3d artist in realistic game character.


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