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There are loads of digital painting tutorials on the net. After doing loads of searching, there seem to be more tutorials on how to paint the female torso, that's not always a bad thing but a lot of amazing tutorials are often not found. So we've put together a list of really nice list of tutorials just for you. If you're a beginner or advanced artist there'll be something here for you.

1. Advanced Tutorial: Creating “Broken Link”

2. LotE Digital Painting Tutorial

3. The Digital Painting of Natalie Portman

4. Face Painting Tutorial

5. Making of Howling

6. Making of The Taming of Naas

7. Making of Lava Swimmer

8. Making of The Lady Bird

9. Making of Another Rainy Day

10. Spacecraft prototyping

11. Sci-fi Environment Concept

12. Painting Nemo

13. Making of ‘Repair Shop’

14. Making of Winter Blockade

15. The Science of Painting Space

16. Making of Sea Creature

17. Making of The Rescue team

18. Witch Tutorial

19. Scene Rendering

20. Motorcycle Rendering Tutorial

21. Making of Naughty Robot

22. Inside Environment Painting

23. Painting a bee – Digital Painting Steps

Want to see more? Which tutorial is your favourite one? Please let us know in the comments below.

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