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Posted On January 14, 2015 by | 134 Views
Dan Luvisi is a well known artist from the United States. Each piece of artwork that Dan creates is amazingly detailed. This week we bring you some of Dan's realistic interpretations of some of our favourite cartoon characters from Dan's Popped Culture series.

Dan Luvisi - Kermit the frog

Dan Luvisi - Tiger from Winnie the Pooh

Dan Luvisi - The Simpsons

Dan Luvisi - Wall E

Dan Luvisi - Buzz Lightyear

Dan Luvisi - Minnie Mouse

Dan Luvisi - Donald Duck

Dan Luvisi - Mickey Mouse

Dan Luvisi - Mike Wazowski

Dan Luvisi - Sesame Street

Dan Luvisi - Wreck it Ralph

Dan Luvisi - Adventure Time

Dan Luvisi - Yoshi

Dan Luvisi - The Simpsons

Dan Luvisi - Sesame Street

Dan Luvisi - Cookie Monster

Dan Luvisi - Finn from Adventure Time

Dan Luvisi - Homer Simpson

Dan Luvisi - Sesame Street

Dan Luvisi - Goofy

Dan Luvisi - Sesame Street

So who's your favourite character here? Donald Ducks seems quite pretty. Tongue
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I like the interpretation of Buzz Lightyear here. It's looks almost like a poster of a sci-fi movie.
Like August 15, 2015
Oh wow... 0_0
Like January 17, 2016
Did anybody else think of StarCraft's Marines when they saw Buzz Lightyear?
Like February 8, 2016
These are really awesome. Especially Minnie, Mickey, and Donald.
Like September 24, 2016
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