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Hey all,

This is the first article for Art Inspiration. Every week we'll search the web for amazing art and then put it all right here for you to get some inspiration.

Afternoon snack by Brian Burrell

alpha-9 by Anthony Scime




Apocalypse rider by Phil Wohr


Space marine by Chase Toole

The journey surveying by Andrzej Sykut

Isaac by Kekai Kotaki

The journey by Philip Herman

Droiyan by Fenghua Zhong

Joust by Marcel Mercado

Travers Sand by Pierre Etienne

Please let us know what's your favourite artwork? Also, what kind genre of art would you like to see more of?
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Yay! I can't tell you how meny times I am sitting down to draw and nothing comes. I would like to see more simple art.
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Master Wilversang
Inspirational, gave me some ideas....
Like April 7, 2014
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