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Posted On March 2, 2014 by | 49 Views
Hey Rifters!

Here's the round up of featured art for this week. It's really awesome to see such amazing talent within our little community on this corner of the internet. Your are awesome

Here are the featured artworks:

BW blonde by Terbulot

Eyelid yank by Day-breaker

Ezio by Alena

il volo in trappola by Matteo Compagnoni Artwork

blonde pinup by Joon Song

Peeping Tom by Rebelwolf

Chase your dreams by Ines

Catknot by ShadowScapes

Torus by Leonard Clagett

Masterchief by Ryder Grove Shimbe

Which art is your favorite out of this weeks featured arts?
Thank you for the feature, TheLandman! Im honored . il volo in trappola by Matteo Compagnoni is my favorite of this weeks features. I love this surreal and disturbing piece. One of many good ones in Matteos page.
Thank you so much for the feature ^.^I must say that my favorite would be Catknot by ShadowScapes.
I agree with @Day-breaker: Matteo's is my fav.
I got an email, saying I got Featured but my pic was is not there. Is that a bug?
Hey ToyMaker, the email you received didn't say your art got featured. The subject line said "Your featured art #80 and more" It simply meant your list of featured art of week 80.
Thank you so much for the feature, TheLandman - it was a wonderful surprise! My favourite piece has to be Catknot by ShadowScapes