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Posted On April 29, 2013 by | 28 Views
Hey all you Rifters out there!

It's been a while since we've featured some art but we are back!! Grin

This week we have some awesome featured artwork that we hope will inspire you.

Congratulations to the artists featured this week. Thanks for sharing your amazing talents.

These are the featured artworks:

SCIFI ROBOT by Pei Keat Ng

KurtCobain.artrift johnfielder by John Fielder

alice2 by Andrés Duarte

By Artelfic

catwoman by Jimmy Orell

Meditazione by Matteo Compagnoni Artwork

Figli dei figli by Matteo Compagnoni Artwork

the hobbit by ahmetbroge

Self-portrait by Javier Vidorreta

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