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by on February 26, 2017
I recently joined WellspringDreams.club a general creative community. I really like the style of the forum and how all the newest topics are right there on the main page. The sections are identified by tags rather than bring in separate pages, so it’s very convenient to navigate and see what topics have been updated at a glance. You can also go to a member’s profile and see their posts as if it were their personal wall in a sense. I really love the format and how smoothly it runs, it feels like ...
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by on February 21, 2017
My favorite parts of Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC… Spoiler warning! Agate vs the dragon. Everything about this! Overcoming his past, becoming stronger and being all awesome. Estelle’s escape from the society, when she breaks the window and hangs outside the airship in flight. Then when the guards come in thinking she committed suicide, she jumps back in knocks one out with a kick to the face and slams the other against the wall before he can react. ...
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by on February 2, 2017
January 1, 2017: Digital Art: Troll Fachi (troll OC for Fachi)    http://mikaristar.deviantart.com/art/Fachi-Troll-654766725 January 6, 2017: New Layout: Mimi from Digimon  Site: http://azurelight.net ...
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by on January 1, 2017
December 29 2016: Nativity Nail Art: Left http://mikaristar.deviantart.com/art/Nativity-Left-654155562 Right http://mikaristar.deviantart.com/art/Nativity-Right-654155601 Lockscreen http://mikaristar.deviantart.com/art/Nativity-Lockscreen-654156845 Homescreen http://mikaristar.deviantart.com/art/Nativity-Homescreen-654157059 Manicure Blog: Top Coat http://miliazure.wordpress.com/2016/12/30/manicure-blog-top-coat/  December 20 2016: AzureLight.net: http://azurelight.net New layout!  Decembe...
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by on December 30, 2016
A friend from work asked me about what kind of top coat I used to preserve my manicure, and that gave me the idea to write this post with mini reviews of the clear polish I'm currently using.  Beauty Secrets Top Coat I like that it's light and thin, so it's great for the first layer of top coat. If you're using acrylic paint, you won't want to disturb the paint with a polish that's too strong, as it can cause it to run. A thin coat of this will protect the paint from washing off and from b...
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by on December 25, 2016
I don't remember the dates so I had to look at my history, but here's the list of video games I played in 2016, though not all of them were necessarily released this year. I'm going to talk about my opinions of the games in the paragraphs after the list, but I won't be posting any spoilers, so don't worry about that. Vita: Hatsune Miku Project Diva X  Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC ...
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by on December 13, 2016
Electric Pokémon are my favorites, followed by fairy types. I tend to prefer Pokémon who have a final evolution I like or have an earlier form that won't evolve by leveling, so I don't need to hold back on the levels until I can find an Everstone. Kalos and Kanto are my favorite generations. My favorite legendary is Mew. The order of the following list may vary, but Pikachu is always number 1.  Pikachu: Electric, cute and will remain in this form unless I use a thunder stone. Pikachu has been...
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by on December 5, 2016
Times of Triumph - I thank you, I thank you, For these times of peace, Here we are, souls free, ...
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by on December 3, 2016
November 29, 2016: Christmas Nail Art: http://mikaristar.deviantart.com/art/Christmas-Nail-Art-2016-Process-648576176 Process, http://mikaristar.deviantart.com/art/Christmas-Nail-Art-2016-Left-648576070 Left, http://mikaristar.deviantart.com/art/Christmas-Nail-Art-2016-Right-648576133 Right, http://mikaristar.deviantart.com/art/Christmas-Nail-Art-2016-Lockscreen-648576202 Lockscreen, http://mikaristar.deviantart.com/art/Christmas-Nail-Art-2016-Homescreen-648576243 Homescreen November 28, 2016...
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by on November 14, 2016
Liebster Award https://miliazure.wordpress.com/2016/11/13/liebster-award/
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by on November 3, 2016
Maps: I like the new maps on 2, some of them do look prettier though I had no complaints about the maps on 1, there has been an improvement. The one thing I wish they improved, which remained the same was the invisible walls. This could have been solved by using looping maps where you come out on the other side of the screen if you go far enough. Physically it makes about as much sense as having invisible walls, but the point is that it would prevent those walls from getting in the way of combat...
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by on November 3, 2016
Character Creation: Not too different, some small updates, nothing that stands out a lot. City: I like that Conton is a single map, but without flight from the start it's a bit annoying to get around, even with the transportation robots. Toki was easier to navigate and everything felt more accessible, though Conton is more varied. Overall, I like both for different reasons. Once I'm able to unlock hub world flight, I'll probably like Conton best. Gameplay: I'm just getting started with 2 ...
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