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by on August 12, 2015
sorry if you've notice any influx in images being created and deleted. I'm trying to make the images easy to comprehend since the images seem to be heavily scaled down here making text written on the image just not work unless the image is small/the text is big. I think I may have a way around this though but it will take me a few hours to get it figured out ._.
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by on August 11, 2015
May be a day or so before you see any art here. I recently decided to part from an art site I was using for the past 11 years... or its looking strongly like I will be leaving (DeviantArt). I'm currently looking for new avenues to share my work that are sites that are significantly less sleazy and actually care about artists. I'm currently on several other art websites (Weasyl, Wysp, Toyhouse and Furaffinity though this one is currently not being used but I plan to revive my account!) and a few...
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