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Caffeinated Xela

Lives in Koblenz, Germany Born on March 29 Female
Caffeinated Xela
About Me
I'm Alexa, I'm the Lorelai to my daughter. Except she doesn't like coffee.
I have a farely dry and sa...View More

Status Update

Caffeinated Xela
Working on my new website and getting frustrated. Is there some kind of coding rule for iPad I missed? Having a color and a transparent png for my background. I find it easier that way in case I want ...View More
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what's your website URL? I'll be happy to take a look to see if I can help.
Caffeinated Xela
It's pretty much still a work in progress
Caffeinated Xela
http://www.gregor-illustration.de/test2/#home The home screen features the background image which just won't appear on ipad. It may not be such a big deal yet, I still have to get it responsive after everything is set and then create the German version. So there's still time to get it right. That's ...View More